Essay Against War Drugs

The correlation between drugs and prisons, tyranny, and degeneration, made drugs seem like a threat to Mexico’s national security.After localized restrictions on dangerous substances, degeneration justified a more aggressive approach to drugs on the national level.

This included the strict regulations and exams that pharmacists went through, to demonstrate their competence and be able to sell drugs for medicinal use.

Central American countries, including the ones with the lowest crime rates in the world like Costa Rica, (who does not even have an army), or Belize, are now affected by drug smugglers and their violence carrying cartels.

Several Latin American countries have admitted failure in this war, and considered alternate approaches, starting with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia who supports decriminalization.

Many years have passed since these instances of direct, brutal, and no longer excusable actions have taken place, but the feeling of U.

S dominance and control over many Latin American nations is still alive, if not directly through a military invasion like their past trend, but through economic influence.

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