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However, we might want to add information, for example, that the dog was hungry because he had not been fed for three days, or that after eating he went for a walk. You can spot them because they have more than one verb.Complex and compound sentences are both sentences with more than one idea or set of information.A complex sentence is one where one clause is dependent on the other: In actual fact, in academic writing, sentences will tend to be longer, and the complex-compound sentence will be very common. ‘for a walk’ in ‘the dog ate his food and went for a walk’.Such groups of words, which are grammatically linked but which don’t have verbs, are called phrases.To essay is to attempt, to test, to make a run at something without knowing whether you are going to succeed.The experimental association also derives from the other fountain-head of the essay, Francis Bacon, and his stress on the empirical inductive method, so useful in the development of the social sciences."(Phillip Lopate, "The Art of the Personal Essay". Essays"[W]hat finally distinguishes an essay from an article may just be the author's gumption, the extent to which personal voice, vision, and style are the prime movers and shapers, even though the authorial ' I' may be only a remote energy, nowhere visible but everywhere present."(Justin Kaplan, ed. Ticknor & Fields, 1990)"I am predisposed to the essay with knowledge to impart — but, unlike journalism, which exists primarily to present facts, the essays transcend their data, or transmute it into personal meaning.The following is a brief summary of the main punctuation marks and their functions.Yin lists six different types of structure: You will probably want to organize material into subheadings within the main sections: subheadings help you develop the logical flow of your material, and also act as sign posts to your reader.

After all, Philosophy — which is what he thought he practiced in his essays, as had his idols, Seneca and Cicero, before him — is about 'learning to live.' And here lies the problem with essayists today: not that they speak of themselves, but that they do so with no effort to make their experience relevant or useful to anyone else, with no effort to extract from it any generalizable insight into the human condition."(Cristina Nehring, "What’s Wrong With the American Essay." Truthdig, Nov.They also contain more than one clause – a grammatical unit with a verb.In the following examples, there are two sets of subjects and two verbs: A compound sentence is one where two independent clauses are linked by a ‘joining’ word or conjunction such as for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.In order to do this, you need to be familiar with how to construct the basic building blocks of language, which means being able to write a grammatically correct sentence.You also need to learn how to develop a good, clear style, and use the paragraph effectively.Indeed, a recent report on writing standards of UK students showed that many had a poor vocabulary, used phrasing and punctuation inconsistently, and were generally unable to form well constructed sentences, let alone structure an argument.In ‘Structuring written work’, we described how a good essay will develop an argument, which means ‘planning in some considerable detail how the essay will flow from one idea to the next; how different theories and arguments from different authors will be introduced; what conclusions will be reached; and how they will be supported by relevant evidence, or deductive reasoning’.If so, you may be having difficulty with the basic rules of grammar.In the UK, a whole generation missed out on learning the rules of grammar as educational theorists failed to perceive the link between grammar and the ability to communicate in writing.Words can be divided into different classes according to their functions in the sentence. Punctuation indicates the rhythm of speech – the pauses and their significance.Its correct use will add a lot to your ability to write clearly.

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