Essay About Why Friendship End College Assignments

It's the key to the stability of a lasting friendship.Loyalty has various definitions depending on the person's perspective or values.Try to balance and maintain your loyalty by comparison to honesty.Honesty seems to be one of the most common norms in a relationship. A honest friend is someone who is willing to tell the truth at all times no matter the circumstances.A real friend would have stop that person from disrespecting you in your absences.

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They will state their truthful opinion because they want to see the best of your ability. They will act accordingly at all times no matter what the consequences may be, good or bad.

However, loyalty does not just come from humans, typically your dog can be your best friend too.

Have you heard of a saying “A man’s best friend is their dog.” A dog’s loyalty to their owner or love ones can be precious because they allows us to love and care for them.

People need to realize a person is not your friend until they have defended you in your absence.

For example, your friend can be hanging around someone that does not like you and that person starts talking bad about you, while your friend does nothing.

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