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Abstract The purpose of this lab was to determine how changes in human mortality and survivorship have influenced population growth. Introduction People today are living longer than they did a hundred years ago.

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Later that day, Aron realized there was only one way out of this; he would have to cut his own arm off. He could have just laid there and died, but he took action and did what was absolutely necessary to make it out of his situation alive.

Although this scenario may seem very idealistic, the reality is that going at it alone is perilous and the possibilities are certainly not in favor of the lone wolf.

Furthermore most military establishments employ a group formation when going on missions where survival is of the The definition of survival is simply, the fact of remaining alive or in existence, especially after facing life-threatening danger.

He used a blunt knife to cut off his arm, repelled a sixty-five foot cliff while starving, dehydrated, and almost in shock, hiked seven miles out of the canyon, and finally made a eight-hundred foot vertical climb to get to his truck(Brokaw, T. What makes Aron different is his motivation and mindset.

He keeps the mindset of living day to day and not worrying about the future.

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