Essay About Science Technology And Society

Our first seminar was with experienced sailing expert, Andrew Burton from Andrew Burton Yacht Services to discuss offshore passage making.Andrew has logged over 300,000 sea miles aboard yachts and commercial craft; he reviewed what to discuss when sailing offshore and being mentally prepared for sea.The winner received a small cash award; two honorable mentions were also selected.The results were announced at a reception at the Harvard Kennedy School on April 25, 2019.

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We showed off the brand new C&C 30 and the Redline 41, both still under construction, but well on their way to completion.

The first section, titled “Latin American Perspectives on Science, Technology, and Society,” opens with Henrique Cukierman's “Who Invented Brazil?

,” which studies the mutual influences between scientific expeditions to northern tropical Brazil and the people living in that inland...

Our guests experienced guided facility tours, watched the CNC machine cut the plug for the C&C 30 rudder, and they viewed both finished boats and boats in progress.

Specifically, we displayed the award-winning Alerion 41 along with an Alerion 20, 28, and 33.

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