Essay About Religion In America

However, Bellah argues that even though these figures (and others) fit these archetypes in the American canon of civil religion, they embody an entirely new sort of holiness.

America is the promised land to which European colonizers came to be rid of persecution from the English monarchy.

One could even say that America is now the home of a special people who understand certain ideas about human freedom and democracy.

But the fourth tenet of 18th century Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau's ideas is also really important in understanding civil religion: religious tolerance, coming from the American separation of church and state.

It could even be said to be cultic, a sociological term which simply refers to a group of people who share ideology and symbols.

The word cultic isn't as negative or creepy as it sounds: rather, it's just a sociological term which simply refers to a group of people who share ideology and symbols.

In sociology, the same word could be used to discuss different Christmas rituals around the world, or the importance of reading certain Torah passages on certain days of the year, or the fasting experienced during Ramadan.

In this lesson, we will take a brief look at the major theories, religious metaphors, and cultural context surrounding Robert Neely Bellah's 1967 article 'Civil Religion in America.' Following this, you can take a quiz to test your newfound knowledge!

Robert Bellah's essay works to compare and contrast the differences between private and public religion.

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