Essay About Paris In French

The city has a multi-cultural style, because 20% of the people there are from outside France.

As the Roman Empire began to fall apart in the West, the Germanic tribe called the Franks moved in, taking it in 464. Charlemagne moved his capital to Aachen in Germany, but Paris continued as an important town and was attacked by the Vikings twice.

The architecture of the city is world renowned and the greenery is breathtaking.

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We visited Donc le temps était brillant et chaud environ 23-30 degrés. It was the best weather for camping but we stayed in Champs Elysees hotel. There was an attached toilet, TV lounge, bed room, balcony and wardrobes in my room. The view of the Paris from Eiffel tower is fantastic because I saw taller buildings as ants. So the weather was bright and hot around 23- 30 degrees.nous avons visité la seine de rivière qui coulent à travers Paris. J'ai apprécié le trajet du bateau le plus pendant la visite de seine de rivière. J'ai trouvé la ville commerciale visitante de France comme ennuyeuse parce qu'il est rempli des polluants. Nous avons vu des yards de soleils dans la France Nord. Paris saw many other troubles over the years of the "Ancien Régime" (Old Kingdom), then in 1789, the French Revolution began in Paris, leading to more massacres.Paris was the Capital of the French Empire which, as well as France, covered Spain, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, most of Germany and some of Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Poland.Il y avait des toilettes attachées, t.v le bar, la pièce de lit, le balcon et les garde-robes dans ma pièce. La vue du Paris de la tour Eiffel est fantastique parce que le j'ai vu de plus grandes fourmis d'âne de bâtiments aussi petits que les fourmis.Sur le deuxième jour nous sommes allés a promenade dans les Champions-ELysees d'avenue les plus réputés de monde. If suburbs are counted, the population of the Paris area rises to 12 million people.The Seine river runs through the oldest part of Paris, and divides it into two parts, known as the Left Bank and the Right Bank. Paris is also the center of French economy, politics, traffic and culture.

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