Essay About Oleanna

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In the voice-over for the Criterion DVD edition of another Mamet film titled Homicide, Mamet stated that the theme of group affiliation was central to his portrayal of Carol when she announces her joining the activist group on campus. As if ripped right from the typewriter, it could not be more direct in its technique or more incendiary in its ambitions. Mamet locks one man and one woman in an office where, depending on one's point of view, an act of sexual harassment does or does not occur.

Carol offers to drop her charges if John would agree to her group's list of books to be removed from the university, which includes his own. He angrily tells her to leave his office as his phone rings again.

It is his wife, whom he affectionately calls "baby". This causes John to finally snap completely and he savagely beats her, screams obscenities at her and holds a chair above her head as she cowers on the floor.

She finds it hypocritical that a college professor could question the very system that offers him employment and gives him an academic platform to expound his views.

She also makes reference to "her group", on whose behalf she speaks and from whom she seems to be getting advice and support as she files her complaints.

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