Essay About My Best Teacher

I feel fortunate to be his student so do feel other students. He takes keen interest in solving our college and personal problems. And hence there has never been any serious discipline problem in the class. Before partition, his father was lecturer in Aligarh and his mother a schoolteacher there. His pronunciation is perfect, accurate and very clear.I am a student of XII class in a government aided private college is a well-known college of the city. Under his able guidance many students have won a number of prizes and trophies in such competitions. I have been a student of many of these teachers at one stage or another. He also prepares students for English debate and elocution contests.

It’s easy to know that he’s getting excited because he begins bouncing up and down slightly in a way that no other sixty-something year old would ever managed without looking completely ridiculous.

He is an asset to the college and student community. We were surprised to know his vast and authentic knowledge about the Jahangir’s Tomb.

He explained so many things about the monument in detail.

It consists of choicest There are books on other subjects as well.

He guides us in selection of the books and inspires us to spend part of our pocket money on the purchase of the good books. He takes keen interest in the welfare and progress of his students.

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