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Sacks himself studied patients with Alzheimer’s disease, their response to music and their feeling of ‘triumph’ as they found comfort in it.

Due to the impact that music can have on people’s lives, it can be used in various areas.

Besides, you shouldn’t omit specialists working directly with musicians, but also people who change or already changed the course of the global music industry.

Additionally, you can explore the music industry in an age of digital distribution – how it has transformed for the recent years, what it experiences now and so on. They surely had an ear for music and 10 earliest discovered ancient musical instruments prove it.

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Nowadays, music shapes cultural movements and unites people within generations. Due to biological or evolutionary reasons, people have assigned certain meanings to music and continue using it as a powerful instrument of influence and a tool for learning and development.

It is a musical instrument that uses a magnetic field and which people can play without touching it.

Great inventors, mathematicians, and physical theorists were drawn to music either seeking inspiration in it or being fascinated by the musical sounds.

In all of us, there are such brain waves as Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

Our internal brain waves are affected by the external frequencies of music.

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