Essay About High School Thesis Statement From Letter From Birmingham Jail

This keeps you from rambling and makes your essay easier to read (and grade).These two parts of your paper deserve a special mention for two reasons.Persuasive Essays: The whole point of this kind of paper is to convince your audience to agree with you about something.Everything you write, every fact and quote you use, should be focused on strengthening your argument and the persuasive power of your essay.And don’t forget to take notes during the research process, so you’ll be able to find the information and quotes you need later on.Outlining: Then you’re ready to starting outlining your essay.

Be sure to allocate plenty of time for this very important task.

Picking a Topic: A good essay starts long before any actual writing happens.

The first thing you’ll need to do is select a topic.

Good essay topics take careful thought—don’t just decide to write about the first thing that comes to mind.

One guideline to remember is that, in general, the narrower your topic is the better.

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  1. You need sufficient background knowledge to be able to take a critical approach to each of the sources you read. It’s ok to use Wikipedia or other online resources to give you an introduction to a topic, though bear in mind that these can’t be wholly relied upon.

  2. (2006, 4) Huron goes on to note that our capacity (and desire) to predict confers very specific biological advantages, including our preparedness for advantageous opportunities and the avoidance of potentially dangerous situations; accurate expectations also optimize our expenditure of energy and help focus our attention in economical ways (2006, 3, 176).