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To start out, I want to say that I'm a Constitutional purest: I believe the rights given in the Bill of Rights are absolute and there should be no exceptions or asterisks attached to them. Hate speech, kneeling during the anthem, and the assembly of radical people are protected, period.After the terror attack in Charlottesville, VA, last August, there were some advocates that said the assembly of white supremacists and KKK members was a call to action (think of the "yelling 'bomb' in a crowded theater to incite panic" scenario).But what about the other extent-the political and physical side of freedom?One of the more obvious interpretations of freedom is political freedom.

The question that has to be asked is: what is hate speech? If it is, we all deserve to walk around with duct tape over our mouths. The case can be made for yes, but everyone says something hateful occasionally (Don't believe me? Apply this tightening of rights to the Fourth Amendment: no illegal searches and seizures. Unfortunately, since the terror attacks on September 11th, 2001, the federal government has expanded its power through the PATRIOT Act and other actions, conducting mass surveillance on the American people without the use of judges and warrants for the surveillance.

So we see that there are many interpretations of freedom, and I have looked through at least two of them.

In conclusion, freedom is a very precious virtue, but if one has too much freedom, then corruption may occur amongst people.

But the question is that do we really need to be free fully?

If we are free mentally as well as physically, than we would make our own rules, and we would not have to follow any other rules.

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