Essay About Education Benefits Upenn Faculty Essay

Education is only one thing that can remove corruption, unemployment, and environmental problems.Education is not about doing degree it is about how you can live with your own feet.Whereas in earlier times the motive of education was to infuse good values and morals in an individual’s consciousness.Today we have drifted away from this ideology because of the rapid commercialization in the education sector.How we behave with our parents and how much regard we have for our elders is a direct result of our initial education in our childhood days.So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a person’s initial education begins at his home.

We all have to ensure that there is no barrier to education for common people.Education makes the national development process fast. The standard of living of its citizens is largely dependent on the level of education the citizens are able to acquire. Education is the first early investment for child development.Similar, for governments and nations, to make their country developed, their first budget allocation has to be on the education infrastructure in schools and colleges.For that as a teacher, you can educate values online, as a minister you can invest more time and funds on the rural areas for education development, as a social worker or NGO you can run educational awareness campaigns.The value of education and its significance can be understood from the fact that as soon as we are born, our parents start educating us about an essential thing in life.and how to behave with each person giving them due respect.They also impart him priceless knowledge about ethics and morals right from the beginning when he has a tender mind so that these qualities stay with him for his entire life in the form of conditioning.Parents guide their child not just into the first steps when he starts learning how to walk; they also guide him on the steps to be taken with behavior, morality, and respect.They educate him about the rules of society and why they need to be followed to become a good human being.A toddler starts learning new words and develops a vocabulary based on what his parents teach him.They educate him who is his father, mother, brother, sister, etc.

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