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It is critical to examine the emotions faced by bullies in such circumstances, nevertheless, it is unfair and irrational for such an individual to inflict their psychological deficiencies onto innocent by-standers who also have their own agonies to deal with.Bullying is an infringement of an individual’s basic human rights.Bullying often takes a toll on the victim in a number of ways.Some victims of bullying undergo depression and despondence.In the current age of technological advancements, cyber bullying is becoming a notorious force to combat as it is mainly anonymous and often used as a source of humiliation for the victim.School bullying occurs within the confines of an educational institution.

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Bullying in schools has however been overlooked over the years and it is not regarded as such a serious issue in most educational institutions reason being that the children are going through the motions of growing up and thus cannot be held accountable for such forms of aggression.Bullying is a practice that results in lowering an individual’s self-esteem and self-worth and may have extreme psychological effects such as depression and suicidal tendencies.The act of bullying is wrong in every possible way and it is more so an infringement of basic human rights We have written argumentative essay on bullying Bullying comes from the underlying need of an individual to feel superior as compared to others in a social setting.Such students then become a source of ridicule and scorn.For this reason, students found to be “outsiders” in relation to the perspective of popularity among the members of the learning institution are stigmatized and bullied.Learn more about our service or Calculate the price of your order You’ll get your high quality plagiarism-free paper according to your deadline! Bullying can be defined as the mental and physical torture imparted onto an individual by another individual on account of superiority in strength, age or position.More often than not, the bully regards himself as being better than his victim and often loves to remind the victim of his inferior position in the particular environment that they are in.At times, one may not be conscious of the fact that they may be bullying a fellow individual.In a school setting, the more popular students tend to pick on the less popular students in their midst all for the sake of sheer fun and indulgence.Also, bullying may be fuelled by social differences such as financial disparities and difference in social pedigree.It may also be as a result of racial discrimination and sexual orientation.

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