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Surveys have revealed that almost half of the customers have given pet names to their machines in keeping with the intense emotional attachment they have developed for them.With the success of this product, more and more people have now started accepting robot appliances.Introduction Artificial intelligence is the area of science that focuses upon creating machines that have the ability to behave more intelligently than human beings.The potential to develop intelligent machines has fascinated human beings for several centuries.According to him, artificial intelligence implied the engineering and science of creating intelligent machines.During the initial years of the development of artificial intelligence there was considerable excitement and the pioneers of the concept had made confident and forthright predictions.According to him, the initial applications that allowed artificial intelligence to succeed were made in the financial services sector in the context of loan approvals.The introduction of artificial intelligence systems in financial institutions reduced the time taken in the servicing and approving loans from two weeks to a few minutes.

Hotels that use artificial intelligence systems convey to their guests the exact time of delivery of breakfast while other hotels have to give the approximate time of delivery.This paper will thoroughly examine the history of artificial intelligence and the development that has taken place in this regard over the last few decades in providing human beings with better facilities and higher standards of living.Main Body Artificial Intelligence and Technology The phrase artificial intelligence was coined in 1956 by John Mc Carthy, who was a computer science professor at Stanford University.However, after a few decades of such assertions people have started questioning what artificial intelligence has done for humanity.Many believe that if artificial intelligence is defined as a means for self learning and self-awareness, then it has obviously proved to be a big disappointment (Scientific American, 2002).Accessibility to Tools Every time that people search through the worldwide web they get responses from Net Flix and are prompted to give further feedback in order to allow artificial intelligence systems to provide the required results.They may also get opportunities to speak on telephone voice recognition systems that are tools devised for making constructive use of intelligent machines.This is corroborated by the fact that the world had take twenty years to transform from 5MHz technology to 500MHz technology but only eight months were required to transform to 1GHz technology.Scientists such as Burrus have argued in favor of expert systems and artificial intelligence that work in the background of different functions.In addition, there are several other examples of artificial intelligence such as air force pilots being able to land their planes on aircraft carriers.Expert systems are now widely used for the management of room service orders in luxury hotels.

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