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From my cushioned seat, I took a look around me—a sleek desk covered in plaques and awards, iconic sports photos mounted on the walls, a panoramic view of midtown Manhattan.I started to get ambitious thoughts: This could be one day. Gary Brackett, a linebacker and then defensive captain of the Colts, discovered the video I made of him on You Tube.Women’s participation in sport is at an all-time high and has almost become equal with men’s, however,.s Sports media does notfails to show this equality and skews the way we look at these athletes.These social and cultural circumstances have been engrained in the lives of most people because of the way people have been taught for generations and generations.Society has decided what being male (masculine) and female (feminine) means; for example, they can be described as dominant or passive and brave or emotional, respectively (1).And I'll tell them that if they don't have anyone like that, they can come talk to me. Most people watch some form of sports, whether it be the Olympics or the highlights on ESPN.

The notions of masculinity and femininity are not based on the natural differences between sexes, but by the social and cultural circumstances a person is born in (3).

But then out of the blue she would get so sad again. In January, I came back to Dallas after the season ended to stay with my parents and train for a bit. 23, the morning she died, I woke up early to go train at the high school in Southlake. But when I saw red and blue lights flashing, I knew. Then we just hugged and cried and screamed together. It's hard to say there's hope because I won't see my sister again. To families out there going through this: The best thing you can do is stay together. Today you might not be as wrecked as you were yesterday, but your mom might be. The next day, she's probably gonna be the one lifting you up. I feel like someone out there is reading this right now who doesn't know how they are going to be able to make it through the rest of their life without the person who has just taken their life. The worst thing we can do is to ignore the warning signs or encourage kids to bottle things up and not cry or talk about what's bothering them.

She would try to distance herself from family and go on her own path and be a completely different person. Ella was there and we talked every day in her room. Ella wasn't home, but we just thought she was staying with a friend and weren't too concerned. People ask me what my life is like now that she's gone. Sometimes life just sucks and I go to a dark place. I'm trying to figure out ways to start something to help fight this national health crisis.

Her anxiety got really bad when she went off to college in Arkansas. But by her sophomore year, in 2012, she was struggling in school.

She was always very smart -- it was never a question of that.

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