Esl Essay Topics Paper With Writing On It

Today, we’re going to look at different writing prompts and how you can use them to give students a boost in the right direction.

But before you start handing out writing assignments, first make sure your students understand the fundamentals of writing. Every student writes differently based on a number of factors, including personality, writing style, their first language and how comfortable they are with expressing themselves in writing.

The danger with this approach is that writers tend to veer off topic.

Stress to your ESL students the importance of structure, so that they’re able to focus on the topic mentioned at the start of their composition.

Now that you know what to look for in a good writing sample, here are some ideas to help your students get started.

These components aside, there are some generalities that make for good writing in English.

Below are elements to look for as you evaluate your students’ writing assignments.

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