Erp Implementation Case Study

SAP implementation and upgrade completed for a global medical devices company.

Delivered domain expertise, specifically streamlined testing, allowed for the globalization of the total ERP project to be completed as planned.

The company faced a number of challenges: This unproductive way of managing business processes was a major hurdle on the company’s way to further growth and development, and our Ruby Garage team had to find solutions to help Custom Communications scale To get a full understanding of the project, we collected detailed requirements from our client.

Based on the information we received, our experts determined the scope of work and defined the following tasks: Digital transformation is a complex process that goes far beyond adopting new technologies.

It requires a deep transformation of all aspects of company’s operations – from processes and activities within the business to the ecosystem and organizational culture.

Therefore, our team carried out a thorough analysis in order to suggest a viable digital business transformation strategy.

I’m 20 years into my career and there’s no way someone knows what I know unless they’re doing what I do... We apply relevant best practices and tactical experience without compromising the unique circumstances of each company and project.

Before Ruby Garage joined the project, Custom Communications didn’t have a universal tool to manage their increasing scope of business operations and required a significant upgrade to their workflow.

Enterprises face a variety of challenges when scaling: Growth doesn’t make things easy; on the contrary, it’s a challenge for businesses, and many fail because they can’t adjust to new conditions.

Scaling a company for growth touches on all aspects of business management.

Founded in 1998, Custom Communications has grown into a leading technology solutions provider in the southeastern United States with a team of over 250 professionals.

Custom Communications offers a wide range of services including design and installation of wired and wireless networks, Vo IP systems, satellite fulfilment, and call center management.

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