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Hemingway knows that he can’t be totally hurt by the war, he knows that there has to be something left in him and that is what e is looking for.Ernest Hemingway 1899–-1961 American novelist, short story and novella writer, dramatist, poet, journalist, essayist, and memoirist.Although his literary stature is secure, he remains a highly controversial writer, and his novels and short stories have evoked an enormous amount of critical commentary.His narrow range of characters and his thematic focus on violence and machismo, as well as his terse, objective prose, have led some critics to regard his fiction as shallow and insensitive.Others claim that beneath the deceptively limited surface lies a complex and fully realized fictional world.Although Hemingway's literary achievement has been measured chiefly by his novels The Sun Also Rises (1926) and A Farewell to Arms (1929), and his novella The Old Man and the Sea (1952), his short stories have increasingly won critical acclaim.Ernest Hemingway       Ernest Hemingway was a great American author. Hemingway’s gather was a doctor and his mother was a music teacher. He was the first son of Clarence and Grace Hall Hemingway and the second of their six children.

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It is a way for him to talk about what he went through. In this story, the character, nick, describes the town he sees as burned over, and all of the buildings burnt right down to their chipped foundation, nothing was left.

Hemingway’s influence as a short story writer has also been a recurrent topic of critical discussion, and his spare, understated narrative style is considered Hemingway’s literary legacy. We put an asterisk or a question mark in the margin of our text to signify our intention to come back to the passage, because there's something perplexing in the alternatives Nick postulates for himself. For instance, the narrator's voice and the character's voice seem sometimes distinct, sometimes merged.

His colorful life and work has garnered unrelenting critical and popular attention, and he is generally regarded as one of the greatest American short story writers of the twentieth century. Or, now and then, through the migration of particular words or phrases, other voices or traces of voices obtrude from earlier stories in In Our Time or from earlier passages in this story, with confusing or distracting associations.

By his teens he had become interested in literature, and he wrote a weekly column for his high school newspaper and contributed poems and stories to the school magazine.

Upon his graduation in 1917, he took a junior reporter position on the Kansas City Star, covering the police and hospital beats and writing feature stories.

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