Eradication Of Child Labour Essay

The committee was also tasked with making certain recommendations to curb child labour.

The Committee studied the problem in great detail and made some truly insightful recommendations.

Out of this, approximately, 12 lakh children worked in hazardous occupations/processes which are covered under the Schedule of the Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act (the Schedule includes 18 occupations and 65 processes).

Working in the remotest corners of the country, NGOs like Save the Children run programmes at the ground-level to eradicate child labour.

Donate to a children’s charity today if you want to contribute your bit in battling the problem of child labour.

Initiatives Taken by the Government to Prevent Child Labour In 1979, the Central Government formed the first statutory committee to analyse and research on the issue of child labour in India - the Gurupadswamy Committe.

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Children need a nurturing household and social environment in order to grow into economically active, productive adults with the ability to participate effectively in the social, cultural, and political activities in society.

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