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Some thinkers interpret this to mean that he would have a difficult, but not impossible, task in accounting for the persistent nature of objects and species (e.g., man).

Other thinkers interpret Epicurus as maintaining that atoms do randomly bump into each other, and so eventually, given the laws of nature that allow for order to appear and persist, it can be inferred that in the infinite time and space of the universe order will indeed appear in various places.

Soul atoms are particularly fine, the most easily moving, distributed throughout the body, and are the means by which persons have sensations and experience pleasure and pain.

A major part of the soul is concentrated in the chest and is the central location of higher intellectual functions.

Epicurus held that the only things that exist are corporeal bodies and void.

He taught that the elementary constituents of nature were discrete, solid, and indivisible material particles (i.e., atoms) and empty space.

Epicurus is obviously the arch-enemy of any type of Cartesian dualism.

According to Epicurus, the human person is composed of atoms of different sizes and shapes.

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Other soul atoms are spread throughout the remainder of the body permitting the mind to communicate with it.

He wanted to eliminate the idea that God created everything and that human behavior should be based on obedience to God-given principles.

He also wanted to dispense with transcendent entities such as Platonic Forms existing in themselves in some supernatural world.

In other words, nature randomly tries all kinds of combinations, but only those that accord to the laws of nature emerge and persist.

Epicurus believed that all that exists is corporeal and that the universe has no beginning, has always existed, and will always exist.

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