English Portfolio Reflection Essay

In other words, the portfolio is more than just a showcase of your work; it is a location in which you make judgments about how best to present yourself as an academic writer, and in which you provide reflections that help you and your readers better understand how the portfolio was developed.

Spelman College supports the First-Year Writing Portfolio—along with other elements of the First Year Experience Sp El.

Here you will find guidelines for completing your First-Year Writing Portfolio.

If you have questions after reading the guidelines, please visit the Writing Center (3rd Floor, Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby, Ed. Academic Center) to obtain schedules for workshops you can attend to help strengthen your portfolio; information on obtaining one-on-one tutoring; and models of successful First-Year Writing Portfolios.

Remember that feedback comments on the essays as a whole, as well as on the cover letter reflection in distinctive categories. Folios may be assessed as “Exemplary.” First-Year Writing Portfolios will be submitted through your account in e Portfolio2. In the months before the submission date, decide upon appropriate essays, consult your advisor, facilitator, or instructor about them, and revise and edit them.

The penalty for non-submission or late submission will be failure of FYE 101- 102.

Your participation in the FYE 102-First-Year Experience will include submission of this First-Year Writing Portfolio by April 18, 2019.

An assessment of “Resubmit” means that the writing in this First-Year Writing Portfolio indicates that the author will need additional support in one or more area(s) in order to be prepared for her upper-level writing and critical-thinking work.A critical essay will not inform (explain something), narrate (tell a story), or be reflective (recall a personal experience).: An academic argument or critical essay written during your time at Spelman. This essay must include evidence and documentation from at least two sources, and those sources should be properly documented both within the text and on the reference page. The first section of your Writing Portfolio is a letter introducing yourself to the assessment committee and offering a critical self-assessment of your work as a writer during your first year at Spelman College. The structure of your letter should be clear and simple. In addition to this portfolio that will be read and scored by Spelman and other faculty, you will complete other Sp El.Folio writing projects as they appear on your FYE 102 syllabus.Each student whose Writing Portfolio receives an assessment of “Resubmit” also receives information designed especially for her, specifying workshops to attend and at least one visit to a Writing Center tutor. Common reasons for Writing Portfolios to be evaluated “Resubmit” have included the following: insufficient citation (in-text and/or on the “Works Cited”/ “References” page); lack of a central focus; lack of demonstrated ability to use references in service of the author’s own argument (rather than simply “pasting in” quotations or paraphrases); lack of correct grammar and mechanics; and failure to include one or more required written pieces. Those who do not pass the resubmitted portfolio will be enrolled in a two-credit English course, English 150.The CWP assembles a jury of readers from across various departments at Spelman, as well as expert readers from other schools.In cooperation with FYE 101-102, the CWP distributes the assignment, schedules support workshops, offers individual peer tutorials, and facilitates the evaluation process.ADW and the English Department assign writing projects suitable to the Writing Portfolio’s content.

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