English Literature Advanced Placement Nonfiction Essay Questions

Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of study sessions.You can find released exams and sample essays from previous years, on College Board.If you score a perfect 68 on the multiple-choice portion, you would need three solid 5’s on your essays to earn a 5, on your overall exam.Since, it’s unlikely for anyone to achieve a perfect multiple-choice score, you should aim higher on the free-response questions.The free-response section accounts to 55% of your score.You will be given two hours to complete three free-response essays. The second will be regarding an excerpt from prose fiction or drama.

If you’d like to follow a specific route the One Month AP English Literature Study Guide is helpful and comprehensive.A reasonable goal to strive for, would be earning 7’s on your essays.This would allow you to earn a 5 for your overall score by answering 40 MCQs correctly.As we approach AP exam time, you’ll want to explore how to best prepare yourself for the AP English Literature free-response section of the exam. In this section, you will write three essays regarding prompts from poetry, a selected passage, and a work of literary fiction you select.Only 7.6% of AP English Literature students scored a 5, in 2016.Follow this AP English Literature study plan to improve your chances of a possible 5 on this year’s test.Included herein are best practices for studying, practice exams, and tips on writing extraordinary essays.Critical reading is essential for any AP English Literature review.It’s important to never skim through passages while studying.Repeat or elaborate passages to ensure you’ve understood them.Consider the following question as you read, “What is the meaning of this sentence, paragraph, stanza, or chapter?

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