English Gcse Essay Writing

This will still test your knowledge and ability to structure an answer, even if it doesn’t completely match the experience of writing a full essay.The most difficult part of using practice questions to revise for English is that you will need to find someone to read and mark your essay, so that you know where you’re doing well, and where you need to improve.Take a look at the mark schemes for the exams that you’re sitting to see exactly what is being asked of you.Handwriting is vital because the examiner needs to be able to read what you have written in order to mark it accurately.Once you open your exam paper, you might find a question that’s perfect.You might be tempted to go head-first into your answer because you want to secure the marks, but it pays to exercise restraint and take the question more slowly.As usual, get hold of some past papers and answer all of the questions that are relevant to your course.If you get tired of writing whole essays, then at least you can attempt writing essay plans for them.

Creating a small fact file with profiles for each character can be a fun way of summarising them and their role in the text.

Sadly, revising for English can be a bit of a pain.

Outside of practising your spelling, grammar and handwriting, the best way to get better at English essays is to write them.

If it helps, you can even use descriptions of the characters’ looks to sketch them, giving you a broader picture of what they would be like.

For the story, try to reduce the book into the key events.

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