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Our English teacher now was Mr Flanagan, who liked my essays too.

Yet I could tell that there was something about them that worried him. Whereas, he explained, now citing the example of classmates as something I needed to follow, “you’re expected to write five”. Many years later, in another century, this paper asked several ageing reporters to sit a Leaving Cert exam of their choice, for a features series.

I’m not sure how long after this it first occurred to me that (whisper it) an A might have been considered possible too. Yes, even in those days before grade inflation, we must have heard of people getting As in English.

I realise that when they hear it now, some cruel readers may laugh.

Then he picked up mine, with an affectionate smile.

I have no memory of the topic, or what the thing he liked so much about it was.

It appears as if the examiner is simply allowing you to express yourself for a quarter of your grade. You need to ensure you make the right choice for your composition. In the exam it’s important that you read the composition questions before you do anything else on the paper.

In this way ideas can be fermenting in the back of your mind while you’re tackling comprehensions.

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