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In Come on, Come back, Vaudevue comes to the same conclusion. ” and although the question is ostensibly about her memory loss, we sense something much deeper.

Conflict has left both Vaudevue and Owen with a profound sense of pointlessness.

Owen’s use of a persona is helpful: it is insightful. This helps us empathise with him and gain an insight into his feeling of utter despair and despondency.

It might be ‘rutted’ but the moonlight, water and meadows remain. Nature doesn’t offer consolation or solace or hope or safety; it simply reminds him of the pointlessness of life.

Nature is what consoles Vaudevue, giving her sanctuary. It’s almost as if Vaudevue is the last human on earth – apart from the enemy sentinel. The sun, a powerful and evocative image of life, has no power.

I also try to make sure I keep using the words of the question and make sure that both the beginning of each paragraph and the end of it goes back to the words of the question as well. I’m not supposed to just write about the two poems. I try and write confidently and back up what I say with quotes.

So I start with what they do the same, and then I say how they’re different, so I do both.

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