English 30-2 Diploma Essay

Carefully read the Diploma Exam Rules for Students To ensure equity and fairness to all students, only calculators that have been approved by Alberta Education may be used when writing diploma exams.

Both scientific and graphing calculators, with no prohibited properties, may be used during a diploma exam.

***It is important to note that this course is NOT an ELA 30-1 course.

You will NOT receive ELA 30-1 credits; you will be credited for ELA 20-1 instead.

At the end of the semester, students write the English 30-2 Diploma Examination for Alberta Education.Independent thinking, a willingness to dissect abstract idea in difficult literature, and learner accountability are expected.Students selecting this programming need to be prepared to attend class daily for a double block for both quarter one and two.In English 10-2, you’ll focus on basic communication skills through the study of short stories, non-fiction, poetry, a modern play, a feature film, a novel, and other texts.Texts will offer you an opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of human experiences and values that will help you explore what makes you who you are and how you fit in this world.At the end of the first quarter, students, in consultation with their teacher and AP will examine their growth and determine whether they are prepared and have met the prerequisite to continue on in ELA 30-1, or to enrol in and ELA 30-2 in the second quarter.ELA 30-1 prep and ELA 30-1 will teach you advanced text analysis techniques, reading comprehension strategies and essay writing workshop to support your growth.English 30-1 is required for entrance into many post-secondary institutions and college programs.The course teaches students how to analyze a variety of texts in order to explore a range of ideas related to human experiences and values.There is no diploma at the end of this course; however there will be a final exam.English 20-1 Prep/30-1 (5 credits for ELA 20-1 upon successful course completion; 5 credits for ELA 30-1 upon successful course completion) this combination course offers 30-1 PREP in the first quarter of the semester and, for those who successfully complete the course, 30-1 in the second quarter.

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