Engineering Problem Solving Activities

The goal is to create a holder that will protect the egg as much as possible. When they are done, drop them and see what happens.You can use this to talk about physics and/or engineering, as well as how scientists approach a problem. Give each group the same picture of a simple creature that lives in the water near the shore.Most activities are associated with one or more experiments from our lab books, and they are designed for a single class period.Each Engineering Extension Activity requires Vernier sensors and an interface.Problem solving is an essential skill for scientists, but thinking in this way can help expand the mind, even for students that aren't pursuing scientific careers.These activities will help your students solve problems like a scientist. Scientists have to be able to figure out how to adapt to these problems, think creatively, and work collaboratively on implementing a solution.

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Divide the class into small groups, and give each a large number of toothpicks and tiny marshmallows.

In their groups, students will try to create the tallest structure possible using these supplies alone (if you want to make this even more challenging, ask them to build a bridge).

These activities are designed to help students think about problem solving from a scientific perspective.

Even for students who do not intend to pursue the physical sciences, it can be very useful to practice problem solving skills and learn to think like a scientist.

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