Engineering College Essay

A collaborative and social environment, Duke offers many extracurricular opportunities, including its This prompt allows you to elaborate on your sexual orientation, if you so choose.

On campus, Duke strives to create an inclusive environment in which everyone is empowered and able to express themselves.

You can also talk to friends and family who, in some capacities, might know you better than you know yourself. Note that 150 words is not a lot of space, so you will need to be both articulate and comprehensive in your approach.

This is a combination of traditional “Why this Major? For this reason, you must be very careful to avoid sweeping generalizations.

The best way to deliver this message isn’t to tell them that you’re a problem-solver but to If you would like more inspiration for ideas or opportunities at Duke, we recommend that you check out this list of resources.

The following are excellent clubs, programs, and projects at Duke that can be used as examples throughout your As you work on your Duke supplement essays, remember to consider how they work in tandem to reflect your identity. Learn about our College Apps Program and Essay Editing Program. Submit it to our Rapid Review Program, and we’ll get it back to you quickly with comments from our expert team.

Above your response, include a one-sentence description of your upload.

The school’s position in a metropolitan area offers students the opportunity to not only explore their own intellectual curiosities, but also the city’s vibrant cultures.Often known for its fierce athletic rivalries, the Trojan student body advertises a highly spirited, tight-knit community.With nearly one-fifth of the undergraduate class involved in Greek life, the school encourages its students to embrace both social and intellectual endeavors.When writing this essay, be as truthful and authentic as possible.If your sexuality is an important or defining facet of your life, then be confident and explain why.Generalized sentences like “studying engineering will allow me to be creative, collaborate on real inventions, and impact the world” may seem okay upon first inspection; but to be quite frank, almost every single Pratt applicant will be saying something along these lines, so don’t fall into that trap.What Duke, and the Pratt School of Engineering, really wants to understand is your motivations, inventive personality, and interest in problem-solving.Applicants submitting the Coalition Application or Common Application will also respond to the following short answer questions, in 35 words or fewer: In addition to writing on your chosen prompt, upload an audio file, video, image, or document you have created.The upload should complement your response to the chosen prompt.Review the Supplementary Material instructions for material that may be evaluated by Yale faculty.Founded by Methodists and Quakers in the present-day town of Trinity in 1838, the school moved to Durham in 1892 and has since risen to consideration as one of the top academic institutions in the world.

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