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It often helps if you underline case names, but you won't lose points if you don't.

If you are typing your essay, you can underline or italicise case names, but there's no need for elaborate type faces.

The words of Lord Justice Whozits are much more persuasive than a mere lawyer's.

Use quotations freely, as long as you: • use the exact words and punctuation found in the original source; • use square brackets [ ] to indicate changes in capitalization, punctuation and language; and • provide the source of the quotation.

If the pertinent section is very long or discusses issues that are not relevant to the point you are making, then go ahead and paraphrase.

Similarly, if the point you are making is only tangential to your larger argument, a paraphrase may be appropriate.

However, there are times when you should paraphrase rather than provide a direct quotation.Also, don't wait until the last minute to investigate your citation requirements.There's nothing worse than having to go back through all your research to add in specific page numbers or dates because you forgot to do it the first time.While it's preferable to give the full case name (such as Jones v Smith), in a timed examination you can get by with one name or the other.Usually people pick the first party's name, unless it's a very common name or a criminal case.What is OSCOLA and how does it relate to the Harvard citation style?Citation signals Most instructors at the undergraduate level (including instructors on law conversion courses) do not require students to do more than indicate the names of cases or statutes in the text of their essays and examinations, particularly in timed examinations.With a long-term project, you can and should plan ahead.[Return to top] As mentioned in the book, quotes are good in the law.Certainly students doing masters theses will be given detailed information on the citation convention they are to use.If you have not been given any guidance, ask for it.

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