Encountering Conflict Essays Vce

If I have a conflict with a neighbour, that's just a normal part of life in the city.

What matters is whether I choose to storm around there and confront them, or be more conciliatory. There's a great pleasure in blazing up into anger when faced with conflict—because, naturally, each of us always feels we're in the right.

But it's hard to make yourself feel empathic towards someone you feel is being unpleasant. not just responding in kind) means acknowledging that we're not.He has no interest in competing (let alone winning)—of much more interest to him is how things work, and what an amazing place the world is.(Some people have read Rooke as being 'on the spectrum'—I don't see him that way—just as someone who, until he meets Tagaran, has never met a fellow-soul.) The conflict that Rooke encounters growing up (with schoolmates and a world that thinks he's peculiar) he deals with by looking at himself and coming to understand himself.His capacity for the empathic way of dealing with conflict is quite highly developed because people who are out of step with their surroundings need to try to understand others in order to get by.(People who 'fit in' aren't challenged to think so much about themselves and the ways they differ from other people, so their empathy is less developed.) Rooke's out-of-stepness comess from his great intelligence and his fascination with the world.Could you offer us your insights into the impact encountering conflict had on Rooke?KG: He's aware from an early age of being out of step with many of the people around him, and this colours his response to conflict, which is to withdraw and sometimes to blame himself.I often went looking at what I needed in the real world so I could see it properly in order to then find the right words for it, or got up from the desk to act out some movement or other, to feel it from the inside.For the same reason I didn't use too much imagery, and when I did it was an image that sprang out of Rooke's way of seeing the world, so the imagery reveals him as much as the thing being described.Given that they are required to create a text of their own, which is to be influenced by your choices about language and form, could you help students understand some of the choices you made in relation to the language you used?For example, your choices about narrative voice, imagery, sentence structure, symbolism, and so on.

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