Employer Response Letters To Applicants

(Oh, and if you actually want to receive this message, you can apply for one of Trello’s open positions.) Hurrah! But we will assure you that a real live human being, not an automated computer zapper program, will review your application carefully, and only after drinking plenty of coffee and getting lots of sleep and exercise, and under no circumstances will we reject your application because you lack ten years of experience in a technology that was invented only last year. It is our policy to reply to all applications, even if we have to send you an unpleasant “go away, you smell bad” letter.We always tell people when we’re rejecting them for olfactory reasons.Due to the number of applications we receive, we cannot follow-up with every applicant individually.

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Instead of a sterile canned response, it feels like the beginning of a conversation.

There are many variations of a boiler plate messages.

Something like, “Thank you for applying for the _________________________ position at ___________________.

If you would never hire this person for numerous reasons you need to let them know that and why.” We know what’s next: If I respond to this person, I have to respond to all.

Or, my response could open us up to possible discriminatory or bias lawsuits. Those thoughts likely cross the minds of all who hire.

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