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Coupled with compassion and commonsense the working of these statutory requirements can become better.

Litigation thus is a necessity to mould the society and the law, and it is the argument of this paper.

Common sense and compassion in the workplace has been replaced by litigation.

The topic deals with many issues regarding the employee at the workplace.

While about two decades ago the employees were at the mercy of the employer and the wage contract, more and more activism and the international requirements on protection of labor has created the needs of government interference which resulted in many laws and requirements beginning with social security and now encompasses a plethora of legislation.

However the argument that common sense and compassion in the workplace has been replaced by litigation is not entirely correct, though the topic has to be seen from the view that litigation has created the laws, and forced the adoption of laws and welfare measures.

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If employment and selection has legal hurdles the termination and the process of adhering to all the clauses of the contract and the employee welfare requirements can cost the firms the sky.

However, that is not the The impact of workplace bullying on individual’s performance and well-being and how effective leadership can prevent workplace bullying 1.

Introduction Among the most salient aspects of an organizational climate potentially impacting an individual’s job satisfaction is workplace bullying on the part of coworkers or superiors.

Likewise the corporate culture in the west is also changing.

Today the society demands a different set of behavior from the corporate entities. system will not meet the need of the current transparency Directive found in Europe.

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