Emerson Nature Selected Essays

The essays in this book, first published in 1860, were developed from a series of lectures on “The Conduct of Life” delivered by Emerson during the early 1850s.The published essays show Emerson’s interest in many practical aspects of human life, and reflect his increasing involvement in politics during the decade before the Civil War.Each chapter is a philosophical treatment of the life of an intellectual.The six representatives are Plato, Swedenborg, Shakespeare, Montaigne, Napolean and Goethe.

At 14, Emerson went to Harvard College, where he started a journal that would come to be known as "Wide World." After graduating from Harvard, Emerson's poor health forced him to move south. Emerson went on to write many more speeches and lectured throughout the country.

Uncollected Prose Writings is the definitive gathering of previously published prose writings that Emerson left uncollected at the time of his death.

A new, wide-ranging selection of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s most influential writings, this edition captures the essence of American Transcendentalism and illustrates the breadth of one of America’s greatest native philosophers and poets.

In Self Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson formulates his philosophy of self-reliance; an essential part of which is to trust in one's present thoughts and impressions rather than those of other people or of one's past self.

Learn Out presents The Selected Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Volume 1.

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