Emerson Essay On Heroism

S demonstrated bravery like few other civilians can measure up to.

Although it is not clear whether passengers on the other hijacked flights fought back persistently, it is known that the passengers on Flight 93 attempted to take control of the plane, and were successful.

We must consider Beowulf’s motive as a result of his apparent audacity.

Which is more of a reason to put yourself in danger?

The influence of Eastern religion on Emerson’s thought can be seen most clearly in the next essay, “Compensation,” which is Emerson’s term for the law of Karma, or metaphysical checks and balances.

The idea that all evils are punished metaphysically, regardless of whether the punishment comes materially or even in this world, is of course not exclusive to Eastern thought.

It also leads to the criticism of organized religion, which, to the absolute individualist, is following somebody else’s creed.

Emerson turns the Delphic oracle’s “know thyself” into “trust thyself,” which becomes a mantra echoing through the essay.

Emerson posits a Philistine “Society” against which the individual must struggle.

It is seen throughout classical myths, and in Judeo-Christian thought (“as ye sow, so shall ye reap,” Galatians 6:7).

However, Emerson goes beyond this concept of reciprocity to a very un-Western notion, the central moral tenet of the Bhagavad Gita, that from a divine vantage point, what appears evil to people may not be so.

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