Elmo Toy Says Kill James

But it's still the original trash-talking toy scandal.A Lithia family says a cuddly, programmable Elmo doll revealed its dark side yesterday after fresh batteries were installed.

Please see our privacy policy for special information for users in the EEA and Switzerland.I've Got a Teletubby and I'm Prepared to Use it Fans will know that this revolting little thing is saying "Again Again!," as it does on the show, but that doesn't stop an ABC reporter claiming otherwise, as if it's settled fact. v=&hl=en Somewhere amid the stream of sonic garbage pouring from this nasty little toy is, some assert, foul language.The company said it will examine James' model for the source of the problem and check whether other Elmos are experiencing the same malfunction.Disclaimer: Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its management.But what’s even worse, is that some of these items claim to be linked to that which is demonic, with owners claiming to have seen demons, ghosts, and frightful sights. It sounds like something the talking doll Chucky from the movies might say: “Kill James!Accordingly, here's our gallery of the most chilling, offensive and/or ridiculous examples of inadvertently nasty-talking toys. v=It sounds like typical garbled toy-speak, with a questioning tone at odds with the imperative suggestion it's claimed to emit.Once you're told it's "Kill James," however, it's hard to imagine what else it could be — but always remember Pavarotti's classic performance of "Elephants, Yes!I have been a mad researcher of everything Paranormal, Extraterrestrial and Crypto-zoological, since early childhood.When not creating electronic music, watching Horror movies and documentaries, archiving and documenting NZ’s diverse and eclectic music history, I have spent countless hours investigating and furthering my research out in the field, either as part of a group or solo, since the early 80′s.

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