Elizabeth Blackwell Book Report

Samuel’s refinery fell into financial difficulties in the depression of 1837, so he sold it and moved to the expanding town of Cincinnati, Ohio to grow sugar beet – he intended competing with the slave-intensive sugarcane industry. Just a few weeks after arriving in Cincinnati, in August 1838, Samuel died of fever. With the family’s survival at stake, Elizabeth, age 17, and her older sisters Anna and Marian started a school in their home – The Cincinnati English & French Academy for Young Ladies.The school made enough money to keep the family going until the youngest children reached maturity.She preferred not to rely on a husband for her income and security.Elizabeth Blackwell was invited to take up a teaching post in Henderson, Kentucky in 1844.The idea of pursuing a career in medicine came to her after a close female friend, who was dying of a painful disease, expressed that Another factor was that she wanted to be engrossed in a pursuit that would keep her independent and away from ordinary marriage.

Know about her life and accomplishments through these 10 interesting facts..Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman in America to be awarded a medical degree.She pioneered the education of women in medicine, opening her own medical college for women.Rioting broke out when parliament’s upper house rejected reform of the voting system.Following the loss of his sugar refinery in a fire, Samuel decided to take his family to live in America.In 1831, when Elizabeth was 10, there was political upheaval and uncertainty in Bristol.At that time only 6,000 of the 104,000 city population had the vote.The students, thinking it was a silly joke, The male students at the Geneva Medical College treated her well.Medical students in the college used to be boisterous during lectures often passing crude remarks at the lecturer. In 1907, while holidaying in Scotland, Blackwell suffered serious injuries after falling down a flight of stairs.Elizabeth loved reading and spent any money she got on books: her favorites were Mary Martha Sherwood’s children’s stories.Elizabeth’s father, Samuel, exerted a positive and caring attitude towards his children: he believed in developing their full potential.

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