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“Finishing the essay also provided me with a deep sense of closure for some of the unpleasant things I'd gone through, and replaced it with a newfound focus,” Barkley said.

She won 0 and a trip to New York City to attend the awards ceremony and a seminar with United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Sosland Foundation Fellow Dr. At Winthrop, Barkley serves on the Council of Student Leaders (CSL)’s campus outreach committee and as a representative for the College of Visual and Performing Arts. In high school, she visited Winthrop each year for all-state chorus and knew it was the best place to go for music education. She hopes to teach and conduct research to target issues within the intersection of economic inequality and education.

Her essay drawing from her journal, “The challenge was wrapping it up somewhat succinctly to write a 4,000-word essay, while also creating a message that can be universally applicable,” said Barkley, a choral music education major.Wiesel has shared his experiences in the Holocaust in his memoir, Night, and his name can be seen in the U. The centers were founded in the mid-90s following the rescue of thousands of Ethiopian Jews from Africa, where they were facing persecution and violence.The refugees were transported by plane from Ethiopia to Israel beginning on May 25, 1991.Wiesel has experienced inequality first hand through the Holocaust and has been working in several different areas involving the Holocaust. The foundation opened up two "Beit Tzipora Centers" in Israel for Ethiopian Jews fleeing violence in Africa.The Foundation’s mission statement, created in remembrance of the Holocaust, is "to combat indifference, intolerance and injustice through international dialogue and youth-focused programs that promote acceptance, understanding and equality." However, Wiesel would not let this setback prevent the foundation from holding to its mission. The centers are named after Elie Wiesel's younger sister, who was killed at the Auschwitz concentration camp during WWII.It was more that I wanted to fit all these pieces of the puzzle together in a way that was meaningful and productive.” The essay begins with Barkley riding in her father’s truck on the way to her mother’s apartment.Looking around the kitchen, Barkley recalls how, the more time she spends at college – “a place that wholly liberated me”—the harder it is to return home.The Prize in Ethics Essay Contest was established by the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity in 1989; cash prizes are awarded to each of the top three winners and two honorable mentions.LRN is the exclusive corporate partner of the prize.“I have her to thank for everything,” Barkley said.Barkley wrote most of her essay in two sittings and spent weeks editing it with Bickford.

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