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The setting can also be important to plot twists if the reader makes assumptions about the time or place that turn out to be false.Overall, the setting has an important impact on every story.These can occur between two characters, between characters and society, or between characters and natural events.The setting is another component of narrative writing.Usually, narrative writing is categorized as fiction, which is based on imaginative events or stories that did not actually happen.

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The struggles can exist between society, within a character, or even with acts of nature.There are many specific traits every piece of narrative writing should have.All stories must have characters, also known as the people or subjects of the story.Overall, each story needs characters to push forward or react to the events in the plot. Take away the plot, and the characters would just be sitting around doing nothing. Of course not, it would be the most boring read ever!In addition to characters, every story must have a plot, or events that occur. Every story needs a plot or events that give the characters something to react to.Usually there are also specific types of characters needed in order to create a developed story.For example, each story will often have a protagonist, which is the hero or heroine. Often, there is also an antagonist, which is a character who opposes the protagonist.The two main points of view are first-person and third-person.If a story is told in first-person point of view, the narrator, or person who is telling the story, is a character in the story.Try it risk-free What is the difference between 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and a newspaper article on bear attack statistics?Both are about human interaction with bears, but the difference is the first is a made-up story about a girl meeting some bears, while the second is reporting on facts about bears.

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