Elder Abuse Research Paper

Alcohol abuse has always been misinterpreted as the cause of domestic violence but review of some literatures showed that alcohol drinking is just an excuse of the abuser’s violent behaviors.

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Domestic Violence; Psychological Abuse Introduction: Problem ment Domestic violence, which is a pattern of abusive behaviors within the intimaterelationships such as marriage, dating, family, or cohabitation, has been one of the most widely discussed topics in the contemporary world and it is also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse or intimate partner violence (IPV).Elderly individuals, too, also experience signs and symptoms that are disease related which may be mistaken for abuse or maltreatment.Thus, caretakers, family members, and health professionals are not alarmed about the real causes even when incidents lead to death (Mc Namee and Murphy, 2006).Facts and Figures The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Reporting noted that in 2004 that there were 1,551,143 reported incidents of family violence between 19; that 20,955 elderly relatives were victims of simple assault during that period.A study on elderly sexual abuse, Burgess (2006) reported that among the 284 victims under study, the mean age was 78.8 years and that majority or 82.3% were Caucasians.There is a need to rely on forensic markers in order to identify abuse and neglect.However, this was also seen as problematic because caregivers, APS agencies, and physicians lacked training to determine injuries caused by mistreatment and those that came from accident, illness or aging (Mc Namee and Murphy, 2006).The majority also consisted of 93.2% females with only 6.8% ...?Case Analysis This case analysis highlights elder abuse, which may not be acknowledged in the society.Dependency on the younger generation causes neglect, ill-treatment and various forms of violence against elderly people.Physical abuse is forced violence on elders causing bodily injuries, pain or impairment.

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