Ela Homework

Additionally, as many teachers know, a word of encouragement or a small sticker can make the difference to many.

When at last it comes time for homework collection, there will be students who did not complete the assignment, no matter how well it was set up.

Compared to other years, I saw an increase in oral reading fluency (ORF) progress, and confidence while taking computerized reading tests.

My students also showed WAY MORE stamina when it came to the LOOOOONNNNGG reading passages they were assigned!

If a student seems to dislike direct mandates, providing support such as, “I know that you value your learning and will find a way to demonstrate your abilities,” might be more effective than, “Turn in your paper by Thursday or it’s a zero!

Finally, the teacher should praise students individually, as well as praise the class when homework is turned in on time.

Many students thrive on positive reinforcement and also many may feel guilt if they let their classmates or teacher down.

” For others who seem driven by the need to please or help others, teachers might encourage students by stating, “I’m disappointed that you weren’t able to complete your work on time, and I know you will submit your work in order to show us both what you know and understand,” might work better than, “Don’t you want the credit for this assignment?

” Vocabulary Activity tasks students with answering a series of questions about themselves using vocabulary words in context.

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