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Studies based on search engine analytics support this, showing that search volume is directly tied to gas prices.According Marin Software, searches for online shopping increase dramatically along with gas prices.Summarizing, we find a VOT around 50% of the gross wage rate.” Business economics “Automakers’ Short-run Responses to Changing Gasoline Prices” Ashley Langer, Nathan H. Regressions based on a database of incentives over 2003 to 2006 suggest that on average, manufacturers offset 40% of the change in relative fuel costs between vehicles due to gasoline price fluctuations. Abstract: “Many consumers are keenly aware of gasoline prices, and consumer responses to gasoline prices have been well studied.The results highlight that carbon taxes and emissions trading programs likely would generate substantial substitution within vehicle classes, and studies that ignore manufacturer discounting likely underestimate consumer demand for fuel economy. In this paper, by contrast, we investigate how gasoline prices affect the automobile industry: manufacturers and dealerships. Abstract: “The authors empirically examine the effect of gas prices on grocery shopping behavior using Information Resources Inc.

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At the individual level, higher gas prices mean that each of us will pay more at the gas pump, leaving less to spend on other goods and services.

Because gas prices play such an omnipresent role in contemporary society, their fluctuations have been the subject of enormous academic study, across many facets of life and economic measures — from public health and driving behavior to business economics and public policy. Excerpt: “The findings from this study indicate that higher gasoline prices are associated with increased participation in and increased time spent on certain physical activities. For example, since 144 EU represents regular walking at ≥4 hours/week (≥240 minutes/week), 9.9 EU translates to about 7% of 144 EU or 240 minutes × 7% = 17 minutes walking per week, a substantial population-level impact. Using rich data from the DDB Worldwide Communications Life Style survey, we document a negative relationship between gasoline prices and self-reported life satisfaction over the period 1985-2005. Results from negative binomial regression models show that when gas prices are higher, there are fewer drunk-driving crashes, particularly among property-damage-only crashes.

The following is a representative sample of research: _______ Health “Is There an Association Between Gasoline Prices and Physical Activity? Hence, they lend conditional support to the hypothesis that increasing gasoline prices may reduce certain [obesity-causing] behaviors. We also observed some evidence of substitution of home-based physical activity (e.g., jogging, walking and non-strenuous sports) as opposed to physical activities that require driving to a particular location (e.g., bowling and racket sports).” “Pain at the Pump: Gasoline Prices and Subjective Well-being” Casey Boyd-Swan; Chris M. The estimated reduction in well-being, moreover, is found to be nearly twice as large among groups of likely car owners. When alcohol consumption levels are higher, there are more drunk-driving crashes, particularly fatal and injury crashes.

Evidence from American Time-Use Data” Bisakha Sen, 2012, Vol. The results indicate that higher gasoline prices are associated with an increase in both participation in and time spent on overall moderately energy intense physical activity. Abstract: “I find evidence of a negative association between gasoline prices and body weight using a fixed effects model with several robustness checks. Interestingly, although rising gasoline prices lead to an immediate deterioration in subjective well-being, analyses of lagged prices suggest that well-being almost fully rebounds one year later and changes very little each year thereafter. The effects of gasoline prices and alcohol consumption are stronger on drunk-driving crashes than on all crashes. Abstract: “This study utilizes data for 144 countries from 1991 to 2010 to present the first international estimates of the gasoline price elasticity of road fatalities.

Specifically, while higher gasoline prices show some associations with increases in recreational walking, bicycling and running, and in walking and bicycling to errands, the category of activity that show the strongest increases when gasoline prices increase is at least moderately energy intensive housework. I also show that increases in gas prices are associated with additional walking and a reduction in the frequency with which people eat at restaurants, explaining their effect on weight. Our contemporaneous estimates imply that rising gasoline prices generate well-being losses comparable to faltering labor market conditions, and likely offset some of the physical health benefits found in previous research.” Driving behavior “Gasoline Prices and Their Relationship to Drunk-driving Crashes” Guangqing Chi, Xuan Zhou, Timothy E. The findings do not vary much across different demographic groups. We instrument each country’s gasoline price with that country’s oil reserves and the yearly international crude oil price to address potential endogeneity concerns.

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