Effect Of War On Society Essay

“This morning’s collection contains the photograph of what might be a man’s body, or a woman’s; it is so mutilated that it might, on the other hand, be the body of a pig.But those certainly are dead children, and that undoubtedly is the section of a house.Nevertheless, the temerity of Woolf’s version of “Why War? Although she and the lawyer are separated by the age-old affinities of feeling and practice of their respective sexes, he is hardly a standard-issue bellicose male.” does not make her revulsion against war any less conventional in its rhetoric, and in its summations, rich in repeated phrases. After all, his question was not, What are your thoughts about preventing war? Woolf challenges this “we” at the start of her book, but after some pages devoted to the feminist point she abandons it.“Here then on the table before us are photographs,” she writes of the thought experiment she is proposing to the reader as well as to the spectral lawyer, who is eminent enough to have K.

Immediately denounced by the German government and by veterans’ and other patriotic organizations—in some cities the police raided bookstores, and lawsuits were brought against public display of the photographs—Friedrich’s declaration of war against war was acclaimed by left-wing writers, artists, and intellectuals, as well as by the constituencies of the numerous antiwar leagues, who predicted that the book would have a decisive influence on public opinion.

They show the mangled bodies of adults and children. Still, sheared-off buildings are almost as eloquent as body parts (Kabul; Sarajevo; East Mostar; Grozny; sixteen acres of Lower Manhattan after September 11, 2001; the refugee camp in Jenin). Woolf believes that not to be pained by these pictures, not to recoil from them, not to strive to abolish what causes this havoc, this carnage, is a failure of imagination, of empathy.

They show how war evacuates, shatters, breaks apart, levels the built world. But surely the photographs could just as well foster greater militancy on behalf of the Republic. The agreement between Woolf and the lawyer seems entirely presumptive, with the grisly photographs confirming an opinion already held in common.

By 1930, had gone through ten editions in Germany and been translated into many languages.

In 1928, in the Kellogg-Briand Pact, fifteen nations, including the United States, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and Japan, solemnly renounced war as an instrument of national policy.

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