Effect Of Terrorism In Pakistan Essay Rutgers Essay Question

These children were killed as a result of the bombings and atrocities carried out by the Israeli Occupying Forces) affected the Palestinian social fabric completely.As the trauma grows with every violent incursion into Palestinian communities; hatred and tendency of revenge also increases among them.Instead, the intent of these attacks is to instillinstil a sense of fear that is much greater than the actual threat itself.According to Professor Richard Bulliet of Columbia University: There are various ways to have your impact.Terrorism today is an act which is sudden, unprovoked, sheer brutal attack on innocent civilians killing several people in a crowded market or a gathering.Most of there terrorist attacks have had a political objective, which have now become rather diffused since the 9/11 attack.

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You can have your impact by the magnitude of what you do, by the symbolic character of target, or the horrific quality of what you do to a single person.

Interestingly the way media covers the event in fact determines the effect on the people.

You don’t have the notion that a certain person has taken a hostage.

It’s an image of group power, and the force becomes generalized rather than personalized.

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