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I had taken accounting class in high school and really enjoyed it.Accounting is finite and rigid in terms of how it is structured.Hopefully reading my philosophy will give you a better understanding of the importance of educators in this world.Teachers are very important in our society because we need them to provide our youth with the knowledge and social experiences they will need to improve their future and the future of the entire planet....Behavioral, progressive and humanistic are the three philosophies that I scored highest in and I will attempt to show how my philosophy relates to ethical teaching of each in today’s classroom....[tags: Education, School, Teacher, Philosophy] - Teaching and Education Philosophy My philosophy is that an educator is the most valuable resource our country has.[tags: Education, Philosophy, History of education] - Philosophy on Education Education what is it.

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[tags: philosophy of Education] - Before taking my philosophy self-assessment, I was sure my highest score would fall somewhere in humanistic or social change.Also included in educational philosophy are one’s beliefs about teaching and learning, students, knowledge and what is worth knowing.My five general purposes for philosophy of education are: to set goals of plan, to teach useful and relevant information, be aware of students learning styles, modeling positive cooperative behavior, to look for solutions and to make sure those solutions are working....My goal as an educator is to develop a strong personal relationship with each and every one of my students.I want my students to feel like my classroom is a second home for them and for them to come to me with any problem they may be facing....Is education only something you receive in a school.Education to me begins at birth; a journey that has begun, as you experience new things you learn and grow mentally and emotionally.I wanted a job that would be interactive, challenging and exciting.I also knew I wanted a job that would be important and would somehow contribute to the world in an important way.Namely, I hope to inform my students about how education administrations and governments run, reform, and maintain public schools as well as alternative schools....[tags: Education, teaching, philosophy of education] - My Educational philosophy is defined in becoming a teacher as a set of ideas and beliefs about education that guide the professional behavior of educators.

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