Education Means To Me Essay

Culture -- in higher education, and in our society -- is at the heart of the matter.

We have reduced K-12 schooling to basic skill acquisition that effectively leaves most students underprepared for college-level learning.

There must be real change -- change beyond simplistic answers such as reducing costs and improving efficiency -- to improve value.

What is needed is non-incremental change; to make higher learning a reality, we as a nation must undertake a comprehensive review of undergraduate higher education and introduce dramatic reforms in colleges and universities of all types.

When I started thinking about why education is so important, I remembered my high school years when I used to spend almost five hours a month on math homework, wake up at AM and get ready for my PSAL soccer game after school.

Colleges focus too much on rankings and pushing students through, and too little on academic rigor and quality.

It develops in us a perspective of looking at life.

It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life.

While I am under so much pressure, it makes it a more stressful world to live in.

One last example of what freedom means to me is being able to do many things without being forced into doing anything.

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