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According to John Maynard Keynes, “involuntary unemployment arises due to insufficiency of effective demand which can be solved by stepping up aggregate demand through government intervention”.Involuntary Unemployment is further categorized into subheads; 1.This vicious cycle creates a cascading effect throughout the economy and trickles down to different social strata.India currently (2016) has a population of about 1.3 billion.If the word demands a definition, “unemployment”, may be elaborated as a state of not finding work by an individual who is fit and willing to work.It is usually measured in percentage; the number of individuals without work out of the total “labour force” of the country or specific social groups.But in reality the scenario doesn’t quite match up to the assumption and there have remained gaps between the required number of jobs and the actual numbers generated. Drawback of Agriculture Infrastructure: According current statistics, agriculture remains the biggest employer in the country contributing to 51% employment.But ironically the sector contributes a meager 12-13% to the country’s GDP.

Friction is generally referred to the time, energy and cost that a person invests while searching for a new job. Educated: This form of unemployment happens when people with advanced degrees are unable to procure an engagement that is suited to their level of training. Casual: Some occupations can only offer temporary employment to individuals and their engagements are subject to termination as soon as the demand subsides.Current survey data revealed that at the all-India level, 77% of families do not have a regular salaried person. Faulty Employment planning: The five-year plans implemented by the government have not contributed proportionately towards generation of employment.The assumption was that growth in economy will automatically generate enough employment.Unemployment casts some short term ripples throughout the economy by reducing an individual’s contribution in terms of services and taxes.The unemployed also does not possess the power of purchase, thus in effect contributing to bringing down demand of goods in the market and creating more unemployment.Could be from their total apprehension towards the concept itself, or it may be that an individual is unable to find work paying his desired wages and he doesn’t want to settle.Involuntary unemployment encompasses all those factors that prevent a physically fit individual willing to work from getting an appointment.Daily labourers who work on a day-to-day basis are example of such types of unemployment. Cyclical: This type of unemployment refers to the periodic cycle of unemployment associated with cyclical trends of growth in business.Unemployment is low when business cycles are at their peak and high when the gross economic output is low.Several external factors like wars, strikes and political disturbances, natural calamities that affect business cycle are also contributors to cyclical unemployment. Disguised: This is a scenario when more people are employed in a job than is actually required for it.This is hallmark of developing economies where availability of labour is abundant.

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