Editing Your Research Paper

Batching is helpful because it means that you will not be bogged down by all the edits you need to make while writing your paper.If you are in the process of writing, but you must stop every few minutes to fix a spelling error, that can get annoying at best, and completely ruin your writing flow at worst.

Spelling mistakes can cost you a lot of points on a paper, and to be honest, they are unnecessary.

Find these descriptive words to help with your search.

For example: "death penalty" is often classified as "capital punishment." Write all of those search terms down to keep track of them.

I trusted Grammarly with everything from sending the perfect email to my professors to writing my thesis. It catches a lot of errors, but you still need to look at and understand what it is finding.

For example, Grammarly may not be the best editing software if you have a paper that includes technical jargon.

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