Edgar Allan Poe Research Papers Full Research Paper

Readers say that the biography of Edgar Allan Poe can be characterized as a full of mystery events, whereas writer was fond of fantasy and exaggeration.

Poe’s wife died first and he passed on two years later. Some say he died of alcoholism, some say he was shot and still others believe that rabies was the cause of his demise.In addition, the novelists utilized the themes and motifs that impacted the next generations of authors, which can even be characterized as one popular culture with a number of similar traits.Poe is famous for a great deal of quotes and images known in different countries, so that most of scriptwriters and novelists utilize his heritage in their works.Unfortunately there was a rift between him and his step father and that poor relationship made a nearly permanent mark on his life.He then fell in love and got married with a very young girl but that was socially acceptable at the time.Through this pain, one of the greatest American writers of his time emerged and changed the landscape forever.The impression of Poe is that he grew up in a difficult environment but that is not the case.The Raven, the Tell Tale Heart and the Black Cat are just some of the short stories that Poe created that left an indelible mark on the literary landscape.Poe created characters that encapsulated particular feelings and emotions and as much as his writing has influenced people, so have the details of his life.It all combines to contribute to the legend that is Edgar Allen Poe.No matter the reason for the death of Poe, the life was a definite motivation for creating one of the greatest creative minds ever.

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