Eddie Mabo Case Essay

The two peoples had a common history of submission to a colonial power.The British authority over the Meriam people in Queensland, while allowing them to remain on their ancestral land, had not informed them that they had been colonized.Yet, the two peoples had a common history of submission to a colonial power; and although allowed to remain on their ancestral lands, they were not informed that they’d been colonized.

This resulted in the extermination of 75% of the Herero population and 50% of the Nama and Damara populations.

Instead they pretended they were there to advance the Meriam people.

The two peoples also shared the effects of Western law, commonly interpreted as denying their rights to their ancestral land.

In 1878 Queen Victoria signed Letters Patent to include the Murray Islands (with others in the Torres Straight), thereby annexing them in the colony of Queenstown.

The inhabitants were informed of their new status as British subjects in September 1879.

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